[Spambayes] Training on individual messages

Paul Moore lists@morpheus.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 15 22:41:22 2002

I'm looking at a Gnus interface to Spambayes (I'm at home now, so I've
got rid of Outlook for the weekend :-))

The main issue is training, and in particular individual-message
training. I've added an option to hammie to train on a single message,
read from stdin. This allows me to implement a "this is ham/spam"
action without needing a temporary file.

I wonder, though - is this the right thing to do? Should Hammie be
growing more and more options (at the back of my mind is the
possibility of an "unlearn" option, needed if a message gets
misclassified) or should these sorts of things be split out into
separate utilities?

There's been some messages recently about some form of "Corpus" class
- is that going to address any of this?

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