[Spambayes] A kinder, gentler hammie

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Sun Nov 17 21:12:38 2002

So then, Richie Hindle <richie@entrian.com> is all like:

> If you do change the default database location, please make sure you
> announce it, and draw people's attention to the fact that pop3proxy uses
> the same defaults!

Hey Richie.  Sorry I wasn't clearer about this--I wouldn't want to
change the default, I'd just want hammiefilter to:

1. Read in the default
2. Set the database type
3. Try to read in bayescustomize.ini (which will probably fail)
4. Read in ~/.spambayesrc or something like it

So, no modifications to anything but hammiefilter.py.  There's too much
other stuff expecting it the way it currently works, I think.


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