[Spambayes] Hammiefilter doesn't write out the pickle

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Mon Nov 18 16:54:38 2002

From: Neale Pickett [mailto:neale@woozle.org]
> So then, "Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com> is all like:

>> Um, is it just me, or does hammiefilter not save the database if
>> you're using a pickle?

> Ah, no, it wouldn't do that.  As Tim Stone says, a clean solution is
> pending.

> In the meantime, though, I'm curious about how you're using
> hammiefilter.  Loading up the entire pickle is painfully slow compared
> to the dbm method, and as hammiefilter is made specifically to run =
> per message and then go away, the pickle is a particularly bad fit.

> Are you running hammiefilter from procmail?  How big is your pickle?

I'm not using hammiefilter in its "filter" mode at all. I was planning on
using it for single-message incremental training ("Train as spam/ham") by
piping the message to "hammiefilter -[gs]". I guess that "hammie -[gs] -"
is just as good for this usage (well, better - it works!)

I realise that this area is currently in a state of flux. I don't have a
problem with changing things as I go. It's just a case of "what's best
right now?"

As for why I'm using pickles, it's simply because that's the default. I
don't have enough feel for things (or a large enough base of messages) to
have a problem either way. (My popget.py goes via hammie.py, and so loads
the pickle once per scan through the POP mailbox. Performance for this
has been fine so far, but I've only just started, so don't read too much
into that...)

This would be much easier if I wasn't working in "batch mode" - mild-
mannered (as if!) Exchange/Outlook user by day, masked Gnus/POP3 user
by night :-)


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