[Spambayes] New web training interface for pop3proxy

Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Mon Nov 18 19:18:57 2002


I've just checked in a new web training interface for pop3proxy.  It keeps
a cache of all the messages that it's proxied (using Tim Stone's Corpus
modules), and presents a web page with these untrained messages on, one
page per day's messages.  You check a Ham/Spam/Discard box next to each one
and submit them for training.  It also keeps trained messages but there's
no interface for *re*training yet - that and automatic training will come
soon, along with cache expiry.

I've put up a mockup at http://entrian.com/review2.html - none of the
buttons or links there works, but you can see what it looks like.  What I
want to do soon is auto-train on 'sure' spams and hams, and split the
training interface into 'Review hams', 'Review spams' and 'Review unsure'.
Or something.  I probably need to look at the way the Outlook stuff does

One consequence of this is that pop3proxy will create three subdirectories
under its working directory in which to keep its caches:
pop3proxy-spam-cache, pop3proxy-ham-cache and pop3proxy-unknown-cache.  In
the somewhat unlikely event that you already have directories with these
names (!) you can configure them in bayescustomize.ini.

I've also fixed some problems that François was having on the Mac, whereby
it was falling over trying to re-open the log file, and uploading of
messages to classify wasn't working.

Richie Hindle

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