[Spambayes] Just for fun

Derek Simkowiak dereks@itsite.com
Mon Nov 18 17:11:21 2002

> "bob@nospam.sittingduck.com".  Then some guy named "Guido" replied to

	Some guy named "Guido" on comp.lang.python?  What a coincidence!

	I think it would be best if we took the discussion of the merits
of ASK off this list.  I only wanted to mention it to get people thinking
and give my perspective on INBOX-based filtering... not to start a
long-running discussion of something that is not SpamBayes.

> the "nospam." part.  The "Guido" chap declared that he wasn't inclined
> to jump through hoops for the privilege of answering the guy's question.

	For the record: I never suggested that ASK should be used for
addresses where you EXPECT to get unsolicited emails.  Published addresses
like "sales@foo.com", "info@foo.com", and any email address used on a list
or newsgroup would of course be bad candidates for ASK.

	But for any email address where you do not expect unsolicited
emails (spam or not), I think it would be a reasonable protection.  If
somebody NEEDS to get a message through to you, then asking them to hit
"Reply;Send" one time is not unreasonable (in my opinion).

	If they won't take the time and effort to do that then I don't
really want their message... which is exactly why this technique works for
spam.  (Note that all friends, family, biz associates, etc. are
automatically added by pointing the tool at your pre-existing INBOX.)

	(I only wish I could get this system for my home telephone!)

>  Other people are busy enough with their own spam problems, don't make
> them responsible for yours too.

	I never suggested that anyone be made responsible for anything.


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