[Spambayes] New web training interface for pop3proxy

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Mon Nov 18 20:41:17 2002

    Richie> I've put up a mockup at http://entrian.com/review2.html...

Some suggestions:

    * I think you need a 'defer' choice in addition to discard/ham/spam.  I
      may well want to train on some obvious ones right now, but don't have
      the time to investigate others which will require some thought.

    * It would be nice if the subject was 'hot' so you can click on it and
      view the entire message in a new window.

    * Given that the time to classify a message is pretty cheap, it would
      also be nice if your interface preset the radio buttons based on an
      initial classification of each message.  This suggests you need an
      'unsure' radio button as well.


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