[Spambayes] More back-patting - my brain's first FP where bayes got it right

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Mon Nov 18 23:29:07 2002

[Mark Hammond, humbled by amazing ham-sniffing powers]

I suppose this would be a good time to confess that I seed each database
with "craniofacial reconstruction" as killer-strong ham clues?

> ...
> The text version of the mail is below.  It was HTML, gray background,
> blue writing - big brain spam-clues <wink>

Fortunately or not, because the tokenizer strips HTML decorations, the
classifier is blind to info about colors, font styles, and font sizes.  I
usually don't mind because there are so many other spammy things about spam,
but it's still an abstract nag.

> And-I'm-yet-to-see-a-bayes-FP ly,

You will.  I confess that I zip thru my Spam folder faster each day,
though -- there's never ham in it anymore.

BTW, I gave up on my mistake-driven classifier experiment.  I kept getting
several porn spam as Unsure every day, and got tired of digging thru it.
Now I'm training on each spam that doesn't score 100, and each ham that
doesn't score 0.  Amazingly, that's added a hell of a lot more spam than ham
to the training data -- now up to 99 ham and 149 spam.  Porn spam no longer
rates as Unsure, and I'm happier.  Perhaps that's just due to the drop in
forced stimulation, though <wink>.

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