[Spambayes] More back-patting - my brain's first FP where bayes got it right

Toby Dickenson tdickenson@devmail.geminidataloggers.co.uk
Tue Nov 19 11:13:58 2002

On Monday 18 November 2002 11:29 pm, Tim Peters wrote:

> BTW, I gave up on my mistake-driven classifier experiment.  I kept gett=
> several porn spam as Unsure every day, and got tired of digging thru it=
> Now I'm training on each spam that doesn't score 100, and each ham that
> doesn't score 0.  Amazingly, that's added a hell of a lot more spam tha=
> ham to the training data -- now up to 99 ham and 149 spam.  Porn spam n=
> longer rates as Unsure, and I'm happier.  Perhaps that's just due to th=
> drop in forced stimulation, though <wink>.

Why exclude spams that score 100 from training?  Even these really spammy 
spams might contain clues that would help to classify other more marginal 

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