[Spambayes] New web training interface for pop3proxy

François Granger francois.granger@free.fr
Tue Nov 19 11:51:56 2002

on 18/11/02 23:52, Richie Hindle at richie@entrian.com wrote:

> By presenting the messages as three pre-judged lists, am I contradicting my
> own statement that the messages shouldn't show up as prejudged in the
> current 'unclassified' list?  8-)  I don't think so, because spotting a ham
> in a bunch of spams, or vice versa, is much easier than spotting whether
> any of a whole mixture of messages is misclassified.

What if you show the raw spambrob number close to the buttons ?

It would give a clue on what the system found the message to be ?

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