[Spambayes] More back-patting - my brain's first FP where bayes got it right

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Tue Nov 19 23:40:08 2002

    Tim> Absolutely, but that's a different experiment.  I've already done
    Tim> "proper" training and know it works great for me.  These are
    Tim> experiments in doing silly training.

    Skip> If you're taking notes on this in various files in CVS I wouldn't
    Skip> call it "silly training".  How about "realistic training"?

    Rob> Why realistic? Minimalistic?

Realistic in the sense that the sort of training Tim is trying now probably
mimics what you can expect from average users over time.  You can't expect
people to always train on everything.  Even with a slick user interface that
won't be much better than just hitting "delete" for each spam.  You have to
assume people are going to be gung-ho at the beginning, then taper off when
either performance gets good enough or the novelty wears off.  One stop on
the way to not training at all is to only train on FPs, FNs and unsures.

Maybe "real world" is a better term than "realistic".


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