[Spambayes] Training from scratch

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed Nov 20 03:52:26 2002

[Richie Hindle]
> ...
> This could be worth bearing in mind when thinking about training
> strategies (if I'm right) - since FPs are more damaging than FNs, maybe
> people should be encouraged (forced?) to train on a bunch of hams before
> any spams.

If they don't, just about everything will come out as spam (every word
trained on will have a by-counting spamprob of 1.0, and the Baysian
adjustment will move that closer to 0.5 but not to less than 0.5).

The Outlook client doesn't allow you to train before specifying at least one
ham and one spam folder.  That doesn't stop a deterimined idiot from
specifying empty folders, though.

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