[Spambayes] proposed changes to hammie & co.

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Wed Nov 20 04:42:36 2002

So then, "Tim Peters" <tim_one@email.msn.com> is all like:

> Heresy is fine, but I don't understand what the goal of this is.
> [snip]
> Taking the classifier class out of classifer.py doesn't make sense to
> me on the face of it, but maybe it would if I understood the goal.

Right now we have only one classifier, a Bayesian classifier, so when
Tim Stone consolidated all the PersistentBayes classes into a Bayes
class, it seemed (to me) like all the things called "Bayes" should be
found there.

Having gotten home and ingested some cabbage pie, I think the classifier
module is fine, and we should instead rename the Bayes module to
something like "Persistent".  In the future, concievably, there may be
another non-Bayesian classifier that we will still want to wrap with our
cool persistence classes.  So the misnomer is the Bayes module, not the
classifier module.

I think I'll have humble pie for dessert ;)


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