[Spambayes] Re: proposed changes to hammie & co.

richie@entrian.com richie@entrian.com
Wed Nov 20 10:28:52 2002

[Tim Stone]
> Richie has presented the requirement that the 
> dictionary be able to forget what has happened...

This isn't a huge requirement - it's nice that the pop3proxy's test code
doesn't write anything to the disk, but that's now been achieved by losing
__del__.  I mentioned that people might want to do speculative training and
not save the results, but that can always be achieved by specifying a
temporary DB name on the command line.  The ability to forget is a nice-to-
have, not a requirement.  Quoting myself: "I'd much rather have an explicit
store() method and document the fact that storage may be pre-empted by
certain implementations."

Richie Hindle

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