[Spambayes] Outlook weirdness

Sean True seant@iname.com
Wed Nov 20 12:46:23 2002

> I have seen this a couple of times, too. I have noticed (by watching
> PythonWin) that Outlook can take some time to actually shutdown, while
> saving the db, after the UI has been closed. I have 3500:2050 ham:spam.

I have a pretty persistent Outlook shutdown problem. I have a 6K Spam, 7K
Ham training set,
and an Outlook that commonly uses 40-50MB of memory. Often when I close
Outlook, it will stay
in memory. (Leaving an icon in the task bar, too). When I "restart" it,
meaning, I think,
restart the UI, I get no Spam manager icons, even though the addin is still
running cheerfully
and filtering.

For a while I thought this happened only after the addin had thrown an
exception, but that does
not appear to be the case. I am suspicious of interactions with my virus
scanner (Mcaffee), but
have had problems even with Mcaffee disabled. I haven't been aggressive
enough to try uninstalling
Mcaffee -- I'd rather give up the addin, much as I like it!

> The only thing I can think of which may be relevant is that
> after I had shutdown Outlook cleanly (or so it looked) last
> night, when I shut my machine down, I got a message saying
> Outlook was not responding and was being closed down. Looks
> like some form of rogue instance of Outlook... Whether that
> had an effect, I don't know.

If that happens again, take a look at the task manager, and see if it is
really gone. If it's not,
I find that terminating the task with prejudice from task manager usually
kills it. At the expense
of a very long start up as Outlook reconstructs the mailbox database (I

> I'm sure all of these strange effects I get are related to my
> using Exchange with Active Directory as my server, but I've
> no idea how to diagnose them :-(

I run in a pure internet environment (pop3 servers only). Outlook is a very
difficult and unforgiving platform to work with (thanks, Mark!) even without
Exchange in the picture.

-- Sean

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