[Spambayes] proposed changes to hammie & co.

T. Alexander Popiel popiel@wolfskeep.com
Thu Nov 21 05:36:28 2002

In message:  <w53d6ozzhyt.fsf@woozle.org>
             Neale Pickett <neale@woozle.org> writes:
>I'm currently entwined with mucking the heck out of WordInfo.  I've got
>a neato scheme based on Alex's patch and comments where the WordInfo
>classes still compute their own probabilities, but also keep a revision
>number which is compared against a MetaInfo class.

Eww, do we gotta?  I thought I was trying to make the DB smaller. ;-)
But yes, revision-stamping everything will work just as well as my
patch... though I suspect it'll be slower, just 'cause it's digging
through more data.  Not that speed is a big issue for anything other
than bulk testing.

>The neato thing here, at least from the perspective of DBDict, is that
>all the meta information is now bundled up in a handy object.

This is unalloyed good.

- Alex (opinionated)

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