[Spambayes] Is it safe to get back in the water?

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Thu Nov 21 07:12:01 2002

So then, Skip Montanaro <skip@pobox.com> is all like:

> Assuming my hammie.db file (the anydbm version) hasn't been modified
> in a week, can I assume enough breakage has occurred that I will have
> to retrain from scratch?  

It *should* still work in the HEAD branch.  Back it up first though :)

The only change that will affect what you're doing is an optimization to
how hammie stores WordInfo objects.  So you should see the size of your
database drop by about 50% the next time you train it.

> What about hammie.py?  I currently execute
>     hammie.py -f -d -p $HOME/hammie.db
> from my procmailrc file.  Does a simple
>     hammiefilter.py
> do something similar?  How do I tell it what .db file to use?

If hammie.py is working for you, don't use hammiefilter.py yet.
Eventually, hammiefilter.py will be what you want, but I'll make a big
loud announcements before I check in anything that'll require you to
alter anything.

The heaps of checkins you've seen me make recently have all been in a
branch.  The idea is that we (well, just Tim Stone and I so far) will
get everything straightened out over there before we merge back in.  At
that point we should have a pretty good idea about what's going to be
messed up ;)


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