[Spambayes] Numeric python store, hammiefilter extension and mutt macros

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Fri Nov 22 06:33:31 2002

So then, Neale Pickett <neale@woozle.org> is all like:

> This is a totally killer idea, except that we just decided to move
> probability computation out to individual WordInfo objects!

I fired that off a little prematurely.  When I say "we" here, I actually
mean "Tim Stone, T. Alexander Popiel, and myself".  Although Tim Peters
has hinted that he thinks this is a good idea, we (Tim S and I) need to
get the nod from a few key people before this and the myriad other
changes in our (Tim S and I) little branch are checked in.

We (royal) hope that we (diminutive) have found this message


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