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François Granger francois.granger@free.fr
Mon Nov 25 16:40:02 2002

on 25/11/02 17:19, Neale Pickett at neale@woozle.org wrote:

> So then, François Granger <fgranger@teleprosoft.com> is all like:
>> This module is not available on all plateforms. It seems safet to use Py=
>> resource in the form of Anydbm....
> Weird.  I had it as anydbm initially, but after going through the
> documentation on the various dbm modules, it didn't look like I was
> guaranteed all the functionality I would need, so I made it explicit.
> It looks as though the other dbm methods /do/ provide sufficient
> functionality though, so I'll check anydbm back in.

Nice, from what I read in the code, it is ok for anydbm.

Only two changes needed. dbdict.py line 59 and 94 to force it to use anydbm.
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