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Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Mon Nov 25 20:16:08 2002

[Paul Moore]
>    but let's walk before we run - after all, we may end up
>    all using Zodb in any case :-)

I'd like this (despite the additional installation burden - we can ship
binaries for Windows and Mac) and not only for technical reasons.  As I
understand it, post-1.8x versions of the core bsddb code ship under the
Sleepycat license, which demands that projects using it must be
published-source.  This is a problem if we want Spambayes to be fully
PSF-licensed - if someone wants to take the Spambayes source and fund their
addictions by creating a commercial, closed-source spam-filter product, the
PSF license allows that but not if the code relies on bsddb.  Not that I'm
in favour of people making money from Spambayes (unless it's me 8-) but the
PSF license does allow for it - it should be all or nothing.  Or do I have
this all wrong?

Slightly OT: This has concerned me since PLabs announced that they were
integrating bsddb into Python 2.3 - it's going to make it very easy
(especially on Windows) for someone to write code that uses anydbm, wrap it
up with Py2exe and ship it under a commercial license, not knowing that
they're breaking the Sleepycat license.  They've never heard of Sleepycat
Software or even bsddb - as far as they're concerned, this "bsddb.pyd" file
that Py2exe tells them they need to ship is just another part of Python,
like _socket.pyd or select.pyd.

Richie Hindle

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