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Tim Peters tim@zope.com
Mon Nov 25 21:22:17 2002

[Richie Hindle]
> ...
> Slightly OT: This has concerned me since PLabs announced that they were
> integrating bsddb into Python 2.3 - it's going to make it very easy
> (especially on Windows) for someone to write code that uses
> anydbm, wrap it up with Py2exe and ship it under a commercial license,
> not knowing that they're breaking the Sleepycat license.  They've never
> heard of Sleepycat Software or even bsddb - as far as they're concerned,
> this "bsddb.pyd" file that Py2exe tells them they need to ship is just
> another part of Python, like _socket.pyd or select.pyd.

Barry Warsaw talked w/ the Sleepycat folks about the licensing issues, and
was satisfied they're tractable.  I won't presume to explain them, though.
My contribution was adding an XXX comment to the 2.3 NEWS file reminding us
that the licensing issues are going to remain clear as mud unless and until
Bar^H^H^Hsomeone writes up what they believe Sleepcat says is the truth.

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