[Spambayes] Guidance re pickles versus DB for Outlook

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Tue Nov 26 15:36:47 2002

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Stone <- Four Stones Expressions <tim@fourstonesExpressions.com>> writes:

    Tim> Ok, I'm glad you've put this out here. IMO, DBM is too unreliable
    Tim> to be anything but a test database.  In real life, bad stuff
    Tim> happens... the database has to be resilient, or at least
    Tim> recoverable.  DBM doesn't seem to be either, really.  (are the perl
    Tim> dbm implementations better?)

As I understand it, recent versions of Berkeley DB can be used as the
underpinnings of MySQL.  They do all the stuff MySQL needs, so I doubt the
actual implementation is a problem.  You probably have to take care at the
application level to make sure bits get all the way out to the disk.


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