[Spambayes] Guidance re pickles versus DB for Outlook

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Tue Nov 26 16:22:53 2002

So then, Skip Montanaro <skip@pobox.com> is all like:

>     Neale> Things being what they are, though, it sounds like you should
>     Neale> stay away from DBM until Python 2.3.
> On Windows can't you simply rearrange anydbm._names to avoid finding dbhash
> first, or are gdbm and dbm not available at all (leaving you with dumbdbm as
> the only alternative)?  Does spambayes make use of enough of the 1.85
> gotchas outlined on Sleepycat's historic.html page that you can't somehow
> avoid its problems?

I don't know for sure.  I've certainly had my share of corruption when
using 1.85 DBs, but that was *years* ago.  Anyway it ticked me off so
much that I am loathe to suggest anyone else use it.  And in any case,
Paul Moore seems to have experienced some DBM suckage already.  I just
don't get a warm fuzzy feeling using known buggy software that's three
major revisions old and no longer maintained.

gdbm would probably be a good alternative though.  Rearranging
anydbm._names on Windows might be doable.  Any takers?

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