[Spambayes] Pop3proxy - doesn't save pickle when reviewing?

Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Tue Nov 26 16:23:31 2002

[Paul Moore]
> Just switched pop3proxy over to pickle format. One thing I notices,
> which surprises me, is that when I review messages and train, the
> pickle is *not* saved. I have to manually save.
> Is this intentional? With my way of working, I imagine it could result
> in me forgetting to save. Surely a save isn't too much of an overhead
> - the review screen shows "Training... Trained on X messages...
> Updating probabilities... Done" messages already, so adding
> "Saving..." would fit into the UI fine.

I've made this change - it now auto-saves after any kind of training.

It did this to begin with, but someone asked that it didn't because it made
training through the "Upload" form of the web interface tedious - saving
can easily take 30 seconds on a slow machine with a well-trained database.

However, given that a) it keeps blowing up for people who haven't saved, b)
you can now train using the "official" POP3-proxy web training interface
rather than using upload, and c) you can now upload mbox files into the web
interface to do batch-training, I reckon you're right, it should auto-save.

Richie Hindle

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