[Spambayes] Guidance re pickles versus DB for Outlook

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim@fourstonesExpressions.com
Tue Nov 26 16:33:42 2002

11/26/2002 10:23:33 AM, Richie Hindle <richie@entrian.com> wrote:

>> We will need to create a stand-alone DLL, and a "one click" installer.
>> [...]  So, given that, ZODB is sounding attractive.  I would package it
>> up, so a few hundred extra K is probably no big deal.
>I agree.  We've had a lot of hassles with the different database formats,
>and we've been forced to make lots of compromises.  The fact that the
>default database types are different for hammie and pop3proxy is a wart
>(and a documentation headache - "how do you use hammie to pre-train the
>POP3 proxy?" etc.).  The web interface now does a defensive auto-save after
>training, which can be a painful delay.  BSDDB 1.8x explodes or hangs at
>random points (allegedly 8-).  Neale's about to implement a caching layer
>on top of the DBM stuff... I'm sure there are more examples.
>As Mark says, we're going to have to package this thing up anyway, so why
>not make ZODB a part of that package?  All this assumes (as Skip points
>out) that ZODB is as portable as Spambayes.

Much discussion on this topic...

>On the subject of packaging: I've used InnoSetup before and been very
>impressed.  Someone mentioned Install Shield - I don't believe there's a
>credible free version of that, whereas InnoSetup is completely free.

Richie, I checked in an installable version of spambayes into cvs yesterday, 
using the microsoft installer, and got booed off the planet.  Apparently 
sourceforge has their own distribution mechanism?  - TimS
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