[Spambayes] Guidance re pickles versus DB for Outlook

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed Nov 27 05:52:17 2002

[Richie Hindle]
> As Mark says, we're going to have to package this thing up anyway, so why
> not make ZODB a part of that package?  All this assumes (as Skip points
> out) that ZODB is as portable as Spambayes.

Few things are as portable as pure Python code.  ZODB has some C code in it
that hasn't been ported as widely, but it should work fine except on
Platforms from Mars.  The bulk of ZODB is written in pure Python; the
underlying persistence and BTree machinery is coded in C.

> On the subject of packaging: I've used InnoSetup before and been very
> impressed.  Someone mentioned Install Shield - I don't believe there's a
> credible free version of that, whereas InnoSetup is completely free.

InnoSetup works great, and especially for straightforward installs.
Recommended here too.  The harder the install, the more valuable other
installers become.  The spambayes installer could probably consist of a
plain zip file -- except that one of my sisters doesn't know how to unzip

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