[Spambayes] Bouncing Spam

T. Alexander Popiel popiel@wolfskeep.com
Wed Nov 27 17:25:44 2002

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             <tim@fourstonesExpressions.com> writes:

>Well, ok then, the question arises as to whether or not spambayes should
>offer some functionality that is integratable into MX agents, or an MX
>agent proxy, or something like that, that is spambayes enabled, for
>webmasters or others who administer such things...  I certainly wouldn't
>have the slightest idea how to make such a thing, but it seems reasonable.

I personally wouldn't bother trying to integrate with existing mail
transport agents (MTAs).  They all have wildly different internal
architectures, and several don't really have any 'plug-in' type
interfaces.  (This is speaking from my experience with sendmail,
postfix, qmail, and exim.)  Integrating with each MTA would be a
separate task (just like building any of the client front-ends).

Making a proxy MTA would be relatively easy (certainly easier than
trying to integrate with other MTAs directly), but then you end up
having much higher reliability standards to meet, and you have to
deal with... umm... creative interpretations of SMTP.  It's a can
of worms that I wouldn't want to open.

Finally, there's enough barriers against it actually being useful
against the spammers (usually needing to decide to reject just based
on the envelope from and to addresses, with no look at the full
message (and thus no chance to correct false positives)) that it's
IMHO not worth it.

If you want to pursue this path despite the hazards and the low
return, more power to you...

- Alex

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