[Spambayes] Bouncing Spam

Bill Yerazunis wsy@merl.com
Wed Nov 27 18:21:05 2002

   From: Sam Robertson <samr@slriv.com>

   >Well, ok then, the question arises as to whether or not spambayes
   >should offer some functionality that is integratable into MX
   >agents, or an MX agent proxy, or something like that, that is
   >spambayes enabled, for webmasters or others who administer such
   >things...  I certainly wouldn't have the slightest idea how to
   >make such a thing, but it seems reasonable.
   >- TimS
   Hi, I'm Sam and have been lurking here for quite a while.  I wanted to 
   chime in on this topic.  Any effort expended on notifying the bulk 
   mailers as to the validity of an account at message accept isn't really 
   going to net any benefit.  Bulk mailers spend more time farming new 
   addresses than maintaining their list of old addresses.

   If you are trying to reduce load, you might consider just blocking the 
   offending MTAs with an RBL like solution, or at the firewall.  For 
   example, I have pretty much all of asia and brazil blocked from one of 
   my servers.  Kind of sad really, but so goes it.

The gain isn't in telling the _spammers_ they aren't welcome, the gain
is in telling _legitimate_ users whose mail was incorrectly rejected that the
mail _did_ bounce, and is not languishing in the spam-bucket waiting
to be deleted unread.

That's the gain- it makes a false rejection far less horrible a fate
than it would otherwise be.


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