[Spambayes] Bouncing Spam

Sam Robertson samr@slriv.com
Wed Nov 27 18:49:57 2002

>The gain isn't in telling the _spammers_ they aren't welcome, the gain
>is in telling _legitimate_ users whose mail was incorrectly rejected that the
>mail _did_ bounce, and is not languishing in the spam-bucket waiting
>to be deleted unread.
>That's the gain- it makes a false rejection far less horrible a fate
>than it would otherwise be.
>     -Crash
So, then you would want some way for a user to 'bless' themselves.   
That moves into new territory and also complicates installation 
(deployment).  If the NDR is purely based on bayes, how do you tell the 
sender how to write a 'proper' message that won't be 'tainted'?  To me 
this is like just announcing the mta is active to the more nefarious 
spammers.  Maybe not always a concern, but for me with 10 or so 
accounts, I would rather not be a blip on the radar, and just siltently 
take my beatings. ;)

(I need more coffee...)


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