[Spambayes] Outlook Plugin crashes

FrançoisGranger francois.granger@free.fr
Wed Nov 27 21:03:10 2002

At 21:38 +0100 27/11/02, in message RE: [Spambayes] Outlook Plugin 
crashes, Steffen Siebert wrote:
>  > >   File "D:\Python22\Lib\ConfigParser.py", line 300, in __get
>>  >     return conv(self.get(section, option))
>>  >exceptions.ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 10.00
>>  I guess that something isq wrong in your bayescustomize.ini file.
>>  Have a look to it to see if on one line you have:
>>  something: "10.00"
>>  or similar...
>Since this happens on the first invocation, there isn't yet any
>bayescustomize.ini file. The offending line comes from Options.py which
>seems to contain the default values:
>"best_cutoff_fp_weight:     10.00"
>If I change the 10.00 in this line to 9.00, I'll get the same error saying
>9.00 is an invalid literal for float. This makes no sense to me :)

As far as I understand the current state of the software, this part 
is never used by the Outlook plug in. Try rem ing it by starting the 
line with #

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