[Spambayes] Outlook Plugin crashes

Steffen Siebert steffen.siebert@logware.de
Thu Nov 28 11:08:23 2002

> [Tim Peters]
> I've sometimes seen reports elsewhere that 
> ill-behaved software sets
> the user's locale to something where decimal points (".") 
> aren't allowed in
> float literals anymore.

> If 
> you change '.'
> to ',' in Options.py, that may make the problem appear to go 
> away (if so, it
> would tell you it *is* a locale problem, but wouldn't tell you what's
> causing it).

I've done that and the outlook plugin seems to work now :) I'm using the
german version of Outlook 2000 and since the german locale uses the comma
instead of the point in decimals, outlook itself may cause the problem.


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