[Spambayes] pop3proxy with multiple pop server

papaDoc papaDoc@videotron.ca
Thu Nov 28 14:11:16 2002


   I was testing pop3proxy with only one server: pop.videotron.ca
and everything was going smootly. The ham and spam were filtered and
the unsure was very low.

Then I said, since it is woking great I will implement this for
all my accounts. he.. he...

pop3proxy let you define several server in the Options.py but
how can you define the username for the different account ?

name1 for mail.gmc.ulaval.ca
name2 for pop.videotron.ca
name3 for pop.videotron.net

I look at the code but no clue, (I need some practice with python ;-6 )

If someone helps me with this I will write instructions on how to
use pop3proxy with mozilla and submit my work to be included in the


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