[Spambayes] progress on POP+VM+ZODB deployment

Sean True seant@iname.com
Sun Oct 27 19:19:23 2002

> 	I am a big fan of enterprise-wide anti-spam measures.  In my mind,
> it makes sense to flag messages and have "default" filter rules for every
> workstation.  It makes it much easier on the I.T. department.  Requiring
> Python on every Windows box would immediately make SpamBayes a no-go in
> many businesses and Universities, simply because of the (expensive) user
> support that would be required.  So I am concerned when you present
> evidence that every individual needs to do their own SpamBayes training.

Tim's concerns seem to center on the very individual definition of what ham
is. I think I
remember an earlier concession about a more common definition of what spam

Perhaps we need a starter database that has a predefined set of spam
probabilities, to which one could
add ones own ham (and additional spam). I have a lot more ham than spam
available, and I've been
saving spam for months, against a rainy day -- or a project like this. If
somebody jump started
my spam collection, I'd be a happy camper.

-- Sean