[Spambayes] "Difficult cases" archive?

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:24:34 -0400

> I have a collection of spam that 1) made it past SpamAssassin on
> mail.python.org, and 2) was reported by someone (by forwarding it to
> spam@python.org).
> That's not necessarily what you asked for, but it would be interesting
> to see how well spambayes does on the spam that SA didn't detect.

> I'm waiting for Barry to write a little script to rip out the forwarding
> artifacts; he says it's easy to do that, but has presumably been working on
> it for more than a week <wink>.

Oh, I already wrote it months ago.  OK, I've just put it in
~greg/process_ncspam on mail.python.org.

> You can't let that archive out of the building because it's loaded with
> personal email.

Hang on a sec -- I think you're talking about /var/mail/fp-spam, which
are the false positives from SpamAssassin -- and it does indeed have
some personal email in it.  Not sure if I would say "loaded with", but

I was talking about /var/mail/nc-spam, which is spam that made it past
the filters and was forwarded by some conscientious soul to
spam@python.org.  It is chock full of spam and little else (occasionally
virus-related junk mail that should have been sent to virus@python.org).
About the only personal information you could glean from it is who's
getting spam, and who's reporting it to spam@python.org.

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