[Spambayes] Practical applications

John Draper crunch@shopip.com
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 13:17:32 -0700

Has anyone thought of a local POP proxy (like that one that was submitted last week),  instead of trying to "hook" into programs like Outlook or Eudora.   On the Mac,  it's easy,  using AppleEvents,  but this is just Mac related,  and does no good for the millions of winBlows users.

My understanding of how proxy servers work is really elementary,  but isn't it possible for the SMTP server side to tag on some extra headers like the spam probability numbers,   then let the local proxy "filter" this and sort out the mail into local mailboxes?  Like "real spam",  "probable spam" and the real messages in thier local inbox.   Well,   anyway,  I may be off base here,  until I learn more about the POP server processes.   It's just a thought.