[Spambayes] There Can Be Only One

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:11:44 -0400

On 27 September 2002, Anthony Baxter said:
> Delivery-date is another header to watch out for, if the ham/spam comes
> from different places or times. It's not clear to me what puts that 
> header in - it might be an MH thing.

Delivery-date is added by the MTA at delivery time, at least if your MTA
is qmail or Exim using a router with the add_delivery_date option.

IMHO it's also perfectly valid to take the date in the "From " line and
convert it to Delivery-date -- I wrote an mbox to Maildir script
(because all the existing ones SUCK), and it does that.

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