[Spambayes] To think like a spammer...

Anthony Baxter anthony@interlink.com.au
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 12:29:21 +1000

>>> "Mark M. Hoffman" wrote
> ... that is, if spammers could think.
> The spambayes scheme (and others like it that I've seen) can be defeated
> easily, with something like this...
> <spam>
> THIS  IS  A   F A N T A S T I C   O P P O R T U N I T Y ! !

In practice, they only put the "obvious" keywords in the gappy text.
The nice thing about SB is that it does really quite well even without
the really obvious clues. Unless they start putting the whole page in
this sort of text, in which case it's going to be near-unreadable,

A more ugly one I'm seeing (which is a persistent source of a few fn)
is HTML email which is a huge slab of javascript, and the message 
text encoded inside the message. 

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