[Spambayes] Some pop3proxy suggestions from a new user

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Tue Apr 1 13:48:17 EST 2003

I've introduced a colleague to Spambayes, and he's pretty
impressed. He's using pop3proxy with Outlook Express, and barring
a few minor issues while setting it up it's working fine for him.
He came up with a couple of comments, though:

1. The fact that the column headers (discard, defer, spam,
   ham) on the review page are clickable wasn't obvious to
   him. Checking, I see that this is mentioned, but maybe the
   wording could be clarified a bit. Maybe something like "To
   train on all messages in a section at one go, you can click
   on the Discard / Defer / Ham / Spam title at the top of the
   column, which will select that action for all messages in the

2. It would be nice to be able to "Classify a message" from the
   creview page, as well as by uploading a message file. Maybe
   clicking on the message subject, or an explicit "Classify"
   clink on the message line, ould be added.

3. Having experimented with training, he wanted to clear out
   the training info and start again. I said that this was
   just a matter of deleting the hammie.db file and the cache
   directories, and then restarting the proxy. (a) is this right,
   and (b) is it worth a way of doing this in the UI? (I suspect
   the answer to (b) is "no", as it's rare to need this, and
   dangerous if you do it by accident...)

I'll have a go at coding these at some point, but I'm low ot time
at the moment, so I thought I'd post the suggestions to the list
so that at least they are recorded for posterity :-)


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