[Spambayes] I thought pop3proxy only kept 7 days' worthofmessages...?

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Thu Apr 3 07:10:50 EST 2003

4/3/2003 2:05:27 AM, "Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com> wrote:

>From: Meyer, Tony [mailto:T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz]
>> > >Am I wrong, or is there a bug here somewhere?
>> >
>> > I think you have to restart the proxy to get it to do it's
>> > discard old stuff thing.
>> I think you might be right. This does strike me as a bug,
>> though - we shouldn't require users to restart to do the purge
>> (we need to find something else to hook the purge onto).
>I shutdown my PC each night, and restart the next day. That's not
>doing the purge...

Ok.  That's a bona-fide bug.

I'll have a look, unless Tony beats me to it (yeah right <wink>)

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