[Spambayes] Latest spammer trick stymied - QUESTION

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Apr 4 13:19:59 EST 2003

>  > Many times what seems like a good idea turns
>  > out not to help much, and sometimes even hurts.
> this very thread started with such an approach {build and 
> show] and was predominantly dismissed. this may not have an
> affect on the implementer's use of the modification, but I 
> would hate to think that this would be the only 'allowable'
> method by which ideas can be posted.

I'm sure that any ideas can be posted.  And if someone isn't able to
code something to do some testing, then they really should post a
feature request.  If everyone else thinks that the feature is worthless,
then at least it can be closed, and there is a record of it being

Although the consensus has weighed in against the URL-following
technique (in general, at least), I'm sure it hasn't weighed in against
the discussion itself.

> ...and sometimes someone else has tried it and it didn't 
> help. why would you want to force people to reinvent the wheel
> before discussing an idea?

Two things here.  One is that even if something has been tried before,
that doesn't mean that it isn't worth trying again.  It's not like all
the changes are independent - especially if something was tried before
all the combination/math stuff got settled down.  The other is that the
docs/list archive have a good summary of things that have been tried -
it's certainly worth searching through them to see if something was
done, and what the results were.  (Interestingly, regarding following up
on urls, IIRC TimS suggested something like this a long while back).

=Tony Meyer

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