[Spambayes] I thought pop3proxy only kept 7 days' worthofmessages...?

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Fri Apr 4 09:06:39 EST 2003

From: Meyer, Tony [mailto:T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz]
> By any chance, are the messages that aren't being purged in
> the unknown cache (i.e. messages that have not been trained)?
> Pop3proxy currently doesn't purge these - only the spam and ham
> caches.

That's exactly right. I've given up regular training, as I'm
satisfied with the accuracy I'm getting, and I don't want to train
on yet more spam, without adding new ham (which will just unbalance
the database)

> Anyway, unless anyone speaks up soon (or TimS finds an actual
> bug somewhere (yeah right <wink>)) then I'll change pop3proxy
> to purge all three.

That would suit me. If people *really* want to defer training for
over a week, there could be an option (defaulting to "purge
everything"), but it seems like YAGNI to me.

Thanks for investigating this.

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