[Spambayes] IMAP

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Fri Apr 4 15:47:57 EST 2003

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions wrote:

>> want an IMAP solution!
>When I joined this mailing list and started talking about a Lotus Notes 
>integration.  This project was the first open source project I'd ever 
>participated in, and Tim Peters helped me tremendously early on by letting me 
>know that in open source, you get to scratch your own itch <wink>.  So... 
>don't look for an IMAP proxy from me anytime soon...
Point taken, and entirely agreed with :-)

As I said yesterday, I've been mulling over doing an IMAP app myself, 
but haven't got round to starting anything yet. If anyone else (Tony?) 
gets there quicker, then I will certainly do my share of testing and fixing.


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