[Spambayes] IMAP

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sun Apr 6 19:00:47 EDT 2003

>>> Skip Montanaro wrote
> And why should they [offer IMAP]? From their perspective it only leads
> to greater consumption of their disk space. Northwestern is going
> through these IMAP machinations right now. Adding quotas, sending out
> warning messages (by email!), finally spooling over-quota IMAP storage
> off to tape. It's gonna be a mess.

Speaking as someone who's worked at both a large ISP and now at a telco
that provides webmail and voicemail access -- in an ISP environment,
IMAP is overkill. If nothing else, the IMAP daemons that are out there
all have much heavier footprints that POP daemons. Admittedly, the UWash
IMAP daemon is far far worse than the others, but they're all pretty

>From the perspective of offering web and voice access to a mailbox,
though, IMAP kicks POP's butt. The sheer amount of horrific tedium you
need to cope with when doing POP stuff in a sane way will melt your


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