[Spambayes] Proxies everywhere

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Apr 7 17:06:05 EDT 2003

> Would seem to me to be useful to have starting the IMAP proxy 
> simply be another parameter on the pop3proxy,
> just like the smtpproxy is.  The only problem with this is that
> running "pop3proxy" to get an imap proxy doesn't make much sense.

1.  The IMAP solution at the moment (ok, so I haven't even committed
yet, but...) isn't a proxy, but more like the notes filter is I think
(i.e. you execute the script whenever you want to filter, or possibly
you leave it running and it periodically filters for you).  The IMAP
users on the list seemed to prefer a non-proxy solution, so that's what
I've done so far (it's certainly easier).

2.  I think that smtpproxy could run by default.  It doesn't take
anything much in the way of additional resources, and unless the user
has configured it it doesn't actually do anything (i.e. without a server
to proxy, it does nothing).  I think that pop3proxy is the same
actually, except that it does always provide the web ui.

3.  I agree that running pop3proxy to get both proxies is less than

> SO.... I propose renaming the pop3proxy to something like 
> "spambayes", and make it more of a server daemon.  In fact, it could 
> conceivably sport a hammiesrv interface, and become much more 
> general purpose. It could have -p, -s, -I operands for the various
> proxies, etc. etc.  What says you all?  It would be fairly simple
> to implement.

Rather than renaming, I would suggest creating a new script (called
spambayes) that does this.  It's probably also time that we broke the
web ui out of pop3proxy.py (like the __doc__ says will one day happen).
This could be something else that the 'spambayes' script takes care of.

I like this idea in general - it would be nice to have a unified front
end for everything (well, probably everything but the Outlook plugin).
It would make some of the documentation easier, and it might make it
easier to package a binary (the suggested (windows) pop3proxy binary,
for example.  Those 'power-user' type people could still run whichever
parts they want separately.

=Tony Meyer

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