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Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Mon Apr 7 09:47:19 EDT 2003

Given that you know approximately how many of each you had, it's relatively 
simple to correct.  Run dbExpImp.py with no operands to see how to export and 
import the classifier database.  Then export it.  Bring the export file up in 
an editor.  The first line will have two numbers in it, both zero.  Those 
numbers are the number of spam and the number of ham, respectively, that are 
in the database.  Change them to 1100 and 400 (or whatever is appropriate), 
save the file, and then import it.  Just for good measure, you might import to 
a different database than the original.  This should correct the problem.

4/7/2003 8:00:59 AM, "Greg Scott" <gregscott at gbsage.com> wrote:

>I had performed the initial training for the utility, and had around
>1100 spam examples and 400+ ham examples. Outlook hung, and I had to
>abnormally terminate it and reboot in order for the computer to function
>properly. When I opened Outlook again, SpamBayes indicated there were no
>spam and no ham instances in its database. Unfortunately, I had already
>deleted my spam examples, and now don't have them for re-training.
>Is there a way to import that information from a backup file or
>I am running XP, Outlook XP, and the binary version of the Outlook
>plugin. My Python version is ActiveState 2.2.4.
>Thanks in advance,
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