[Spambayes] IMAP Filter

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Apr 8 10:38:02 EDT 2003

> Would another option be to use IMAP flags? You could use IMAP's STORE
> +FLAGS Spam, STORE +FLAGS Ham, STORE +FLAGS Unsure. Or alternately
> simply use a flag on the messages in the inbox that are 
> already scanned.

This would be much better, yes.  But, annoyingly, creation of new flags
is only supported by some IMAP servers - it doesn't have to be
(supported) either.  From RFC1730:
"PERMANENTFLAGS Followed by a parenthesized list of flags,
                indicates which of the known flags that the client
                may change permanently.  Any flags that are in the
                FLAGS untagged response, but not the PERMANENTFLAGS
                list, can not be set permanently.  If the client
                attempts to STORE a flag that is not in the
                PERMANENTFLAGS list, the server will either reject
                it with a NO reply or store the state for the
                remainder of the current session only.  The
                PERMANENTFLAGS list may also include the special
                flag \*, which indicates that it is possible to
                create new keywords by attempting to store those
                flags in the mailbox."

> The former would allow you to do filtering on more than the inbox...

I do plan to add filtering for other folders.  Specifying a list (like
the training folders), probably.  I just hadn't got to it :)

=Tony Meyer

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