Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE: [Spambayes] Lost database)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Apr 8 13:16:32 EDT 2003

I've added a bug for the fact that the addin doesn't save the database after
a train operation.

For the spambayes crowd: Doing this for a "pickle" database would be

Now that there is a bsddb3 that works for Windows, how would people feel
about me dropping all pickle support from the plugin?  This will require you
to install bsddb3 (or Python 2.3) and do a full re-train.  As I have
mentioned before, I would also be happy to accept patches that do an
automatic migration ;)

Any objections?


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> Subject: [Spambayes] Lost database
> I had performed the initial training for the utility, and had around
> 1100 spam examples and 400+ ham examples. Outlook hung, and I had to
> abnormally terminate it and reboot in order for the computer to function
> properly. When I opened Outlook again, SpamBayes indicated there were no
> spam and no ham instances in its database. Unfortunately, I had already
> deleted my spam examples, and now don't have them for re-training.
> Is there a way to import that information from a backup file or
> anything?
> I am running XP, Outlook XP, and the binary version of the Outlook
> plugin. My Python version is ActiveState 2.2.4.
> Thanks in advance,
> Greg
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