Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE: [Spambayes] Lostdatabase)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Apr 8 15:21:41 EDT 2003

> > For the spambayes crowd: Doing this for a "pickle" database would be
> > prohibitive.
> Not for my pickle databases:  they're under 2MB, and I rarely train on
> anything anymore.

But this would still mean that every unsure you bothered to hit the
"recover" or "delete" button on would require writing the 2MB pickle.

I believe we can afford this hit with a bsddb style database.

> Me!  I'd like to hold off on that until Python 2.3 final is released, as I
> don't want to encourage people to install an alpha Python (which 2.3 still
> is; only Python (not spambayes) alpha testers should be using
> anything later
> than Python 2.2.2).

And requiring bsddb3 to be installed is too much of a burden?

But yeah, either way, having the code not flush-on-train for pickles isn't
that big of a deal.


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