Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE: [Spambayes] Lostdatabase)

Tim Peters tim_one at
Tue Apr 8 03:22:16 EDT 2003

[Mark Hammond]
> ...
> And requiring bsddb3 to be installed is too much of a burden?

Installing it is more bother than not installing it. "Too much" will vary by
user.  I'm typing on a laptop now with a dialup connection, and almost out
of disk space -- it seems like a lot of bother for me on this box right now
<wink>, and the pickle-based addin works fine here.  I expect bsddb3 will
chew up more disk space too (relative to pickles -- have a feel for that?  I
gave up using Sam Rushing's bsddb 1.85 Windows port years ago due to disk
bloat and bugs; I'm told the bugs are fixed in bsddb3, but don't know about
disk consumption).

> But yeah, either way, having the code not flush-on-train for pickles
> isn't that big of a deal.

If you feel more strongly about it than I do, go ahead.  If the intent is to
move to bsddb3 exclusively, then there's a lot to be said for biting that
bullet before many more people grow pickle databases.

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