Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE: [Spambayes] Lost database)

David Leftley spambayes at
Tue Apr 8 12:32:35 EDT 2003

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003 12:16:32 +1000, "Mark Hammond"
<mhammond at> wrote:

>Now that there is a bsddb3 that works for Windows, how would people feel
>about me dropping all pickle support from the plugin?  This will require you
>to install bsddb3 (or Python 2.3) and do a full re-train.  As I have
>mentioned before, I would also be happy to accept patches that do an
>automatic migration ;)
I'm in favour. I don't usually like the idea of adding an extra
dependency, but Outlook shutdown times are so much better with bsddb3
that I don't see why anyone would still want to use a pickle.

David (just waiting for my work PC to retrain - you reminded me that I
forgot to install bsddb3 when I set up my new PC last week :-)

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