Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE: [Spambayes] Lostdatabase)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Apr 9 10:20:31 EDT 2003

> If you feel more strongly about it than I do, go ahead.

I don't, but:

> If the intent is to move to bsddb3 exclusively, then there's
> a lot to be said for biting that bullet before many more people
> grow pickle databases.

is exactly where I was coming from!  (FYI, the binaries are all bsddb based,
so real <wink> people wont be growing pickles.)

So, what I have decided is that I will state publically, and document
somewhere that pickles will not be supported long term by Outlook.  I will
keep the code so long as the cost is small.  Next time an incompatible
database change happens, drop support.  Such a change will ideally involve
an automatic "upgrade" from the existing db - but not from existing pickles,
so at this time I would declare pickles dead.  Hopefully this will be post
Python 2.3.

Where I am comimg from with the "incompatible database" is my idea for the
"message database" next to our "word database", as posted here a couple of
months back.  I made a start on it, then decided I was being too ambitious
and changing too much, so I abandonded it, intending to go back to my
original "slightly hacky but less instrusive" plan.  Tim2 may recall that
this database is what is preventing dbExport from working, rather than the
bayes word database.  Since then payed work has got in the way.

Damn-capitalists <wink>


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